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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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So I would say your peers are those who do internal arts i/p and i/s from a similar view to yours. Otherwise they are not your peers. They are something else.

So that's how I see it.

I've always trained and been tested by peers as has most everyone really.

Peer review is generally a process of having your concepts, such as a concept of design, ideas for a new process, any thing really....say the building of a bridge using new materials or what could be seen as unusual untested methods, designs or new combinations of all of these, looked at critically by any number of others. Peer review involves many folks of varied disciplines within an organization as anyone of these folks may "see" something that has been missed by the originator, or the close design group around that individual. Any number of experiences that an individual may had, training they have undergone...may lead to questions that raise issues that need to be addressed. These folks can be just months on the job and many years. Peer review is not turning to your brother, one of your students or very close friends and asking how am I doing.

Your approach to spiritual..... to Spiritual Aikido...... seems to be your unique combination of any number of pieces and as such could be subject to outside peer review to get an honest assessment of the effectiveness of what you do.