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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Hi Dan,

I agree completely (and with George's post as well). Objective feedback is absolutely essential to making progress. My own growth has only happened when I have sought out teachers (and experiences) who will take me out my comfort zone.


Well....I obviously agree. The best lessons I learned were from the flat of my back (Jujutsu's middle name is "mistake.") and over long table discussions where I was wrong!!!

Failure to test and expose yourself to testing is the surest sign of a conscious self-doubt and is not the state of a truly developed mind...or spirit. Spirit/mind/body are inexorably intertwined but not mutually supportive. You can fail or be weak in any one.

In Budo, it is the shining examples of those more developed and balanced that we hope for and try to know and learn from. When balanced properly these things support each in a palpable and expressive way. There are reasons that some of the more advanced people are extraverts and charasmatic. They are transparant, even childlike sometimes yet very potent. Others are potent but are poorly developed emotionally and are largely ego driven, build organizations that suck up to them and they ...beyond all protestations to the contrary...really don't teach and help.

Some people simply have no place at this table. Some hide their lack, others are unaware until it is shown or exposed by others.

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