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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Peers. Mmmmm. What is a peer to you? Vetting? What does that mean? Peer review? What would that be?

I'd like to know.

It applies to those who are doing a thing that others are doing as well. Implicit in that is a sort of standard. Hence, there is a group of peers (wanted or unwanted) to compare efforts and results with.
Most Aikido teachers I know and respect from around the world discuss certain people as rather unique for various reasons. Sometimes being considered unique is the highest form of flattery, others times it is severely dismissive, and derogatory of someones thoughts and efforts.
George, has made some interesting observations about certain peoples opinions on spiritual matters being as valuable as their successful movements and abilities.

It is a simple thing really. Some people want to be unique and think they are advanced. Your peers, and testing, tends to put you in your place and give you a reality check on what you thought you know and can actually do to and among peers in a group.