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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Following on from Georges post I must say that it's interesting to see the thought process. Directed my way of course.

Implying no technical foundation, implying no martial understanding, implying body disconnect (must be an I/P thing) Stating technique cannot be faked implying something, I don't know what. Ahhh, so many implications.

Reminds me of the general view people have when they see someone doing something so easily, be it a sportsman or workman or whoever. They assume somethings wrong or the person is not serious or the person is lazily doing it or it's too layed back etc. Funny thing is that those who can do things in such a manner, even let's say a guitarist who plays like he's bored, have done more technical training and practice than average. It looks too damned easy.

I mean, a person who leans over sideways to scratch his calf with his left hand whilst taking an attack with his right hand and while body twisted, facing the wrong way dumps the person who's attacking just has got it all wrong. No body connection. Mmmmm. Attacker must have decided to sit
Or maybe he's one of those charachters from zen and the art of temple building. Mmmmm.
No, jokes aside, they are just interesting projections.
Still, I have to wonder why you would't meet Dan if he is willing to knock on your dojo door? When I had a dojo, I welcomed all visitors.

Just sayin'