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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
SPIRIT.....There you are, something many of you haven't much reality on. Not surprising as you have been brought up not to.
And yet many of us have. So you're suggesting those who disagree do so because they don't know what it is. Of course this is a two-way street, so we're left where we started. Enlightenment or delusion, who can tell? Not you and not me. Your certainty seems to suggest an answer to me...and I'm pulling for you. I want to believe you; to find a compelling answer that offers some kind of clarity.

Then we have the idea that it cannot be defined or separated as real of itself. Well of course it can and it can be demonstrated to be. Mental machinations trying to work out something based on body and mind thinking thus outside of many's modus operandi of reason.
I have searched for demonstrations of this kind and have yet to find one. I've seen people suggest something was demonstrated, but it wasn't any more than I'm now demonstrating my secret handshake.

Yet we have a man who created Aikido who emphasized it. Hence all the confusions on what he meant.
He emphasized different things to different people and people assumed they knew more aout the context than they did. Hence the confusion.

Spiritual relates to that area which is not physical and which is not mental, yet physically and mentally you can feel the effects of it.
Oh, you mean heat? I presume, if it exists (not commenting on my beliefs one way or the other here), spiritual relates to those areas that are physical and mental too.

what else can someone do for they don't know the difference.
Maintain an open mind, I suppose. And what of those who believe they feel spirit, but are wrong? Enlightenment or delusion, who can tell?

Those aware of this to various degrees tend to follow or get interested in spiritual things for they intuitively know it's to do with them, their true self, true nature and god and the universe.
Convenient isn't it? Or, perhaps that's inconvnient?

So we have an art built on spiritual principles, a lesson. A lesson in discovering your true self, a path.
As well as built on physical principles, which apparently come about from the spiritual. This is the argument many are making with regard to the importance of the physical; not a seperation of physical and spiritual like you're reading into (and which I too have misread). The Shinto view is that we look to nature to understand the spirit; we also can look to concrete examples for that which inspires awe (kamisama).
The argument for why people don't understand has often been that they're just not sensitive enough, and a good many people have taken advantage of this supposed axiom in order to persuade others. Enlightenment or delusion who can tell?

Bit by bit peeling the onion, might make your eyes water. Those layers are mere clothing which are body and mind. Thus to get more 'power' people think of more muscle, more physical cause, more bombs, more tanks. More away from the truth. Nice clothes though.

And yet those clothes are derived from spiritual threads...even though they are "merely" this or that. In one breath you seem to suggest we look to the thread and in another you seem to suggest it weaves into a pittance.
I like what you have to say more when it speaks of your own perspective and doesn't make presumptions about others'. Enlightenment or delusion, who can tell? Not me, and I am, I believe, about as open minded as it gets. Unfortunately that means I have to consider I am not as open minded as I think. Dammit. C'est la vie, non?
Take care,
p.s. I like that, Don!