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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Hey Graham,
I am not sure that I am ready to adopt a belief that divides things as you have, though I have read all the works of Kubler Ross and Raymond Moody.

What I do know is that last night, both Delly (my partner) and I woke up thinking our house was being burglarized. Then we both instinctively knew it wasn't us. We find out, the celestial phone call was about our very good friend about a mile away. She attempted to stop a neighbor's house from being burgled and was assaulted and battered in the process. Luckily, she is ok today. Just bruises.

I understand that Takeda, Sokaku could know if there was a "bad intent" coming from someone on the other side of a wall. This skill was easy to develop in the barrios of Tijuana. And I even use it while riding my bicycle. I can "know" there is a driver who is not being attentive as far as 50 years behind me.

I am sure snipers know this skill. I had it when I was bushwhacking smugglers in the Border Patrol. When out on a desolate ranch at night, you have to blank out your sense of self or the smugglers will sense you.

Tecumseh had this skill developed very well. While organizing the Red Stick Confederation against the new U.S. Government, his attempts to persuade Big Warrior, principal chief of the Upper Creeks, had failed. In anger Tecumseh finally shouted at the old chief, "Your blood is white! . . . You do not believe the Great Spirit has sent me. You shall know. I leave Tuckhabatchee directly and shall go . . . to
Detroit. When I arrive there, I will stamp on the ground with my foot, and shake down every
house in Tuckhabatchee!" Two months later, the New madrid earthquakes began (December 1811 - February 1812.

see: see John Sugden, "Early Pan-Indianism: Tecumseh's Tour of the Indian Country, 1811-1812," American Indian Quarterly 10, no. 4 (Autumn 1986): 273-304.

Wow, Little Monk Nupchen in an indian headress.

I believe that, when you see past the veil between heaven and earth, Aiki is everywhere and can be used even without the body.

Of course, even a study of this field can get over analyzed and subject to reductive experimentation.

Be well,

Nice example of spiritual awareness Chris. You say you don't want to adopt a belief that divides as I have but the other night you did just that didn't you?

Didn't you feel that something and think it was your house being burgled. Then with your friend didn't you acknowledge (so you must have checked) in yourselves that it wasn't in your mind, unrelated to anything. Then didn't you discover who it was? Spiritual perception.

As I said earlier people put things down as 'other' or imagination for they have not studied it or been brought up understanding it. So many know a person is phoning them before it happens, know what the other is going to say before they say it, know what the persons thinking before they utter a word. So many things put down as ........ well you name it. They don't know what to put it down to.

I differentiate because there are 'technical' differences which are universal in effect.