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Matt Rice (MattRice) wrote:
He explained that for the technique to work, his ki had to be clean and pure and that it is reflected in his kiai. If the kiai was clear and not ragged or throaty the ki was on.
FWIW, kiai ain't got NOTHING to do with sound. It is NOT spirit shout, or anything of the like. It IS something we all do and something we cna learn about.

And as for clean and pure ki, lemme tell ya a story.

A couple years ago, I had opportunity to train with Karl Friday, a VERY cool fellow who happens to hold very high rank in Kashima Shinryu and love beer and bad jokes. After class one day, my wife (a professional massage therapist) was offering her services to the folks who'd instructed. Karl plopped on her table (OK, he skidded when he hit), and let her magic fingers do their work.

She commented "You're in pretty good shape for the shape you're in .. suprisingly undamaged!!"

He says "It's because my spirit is pure and clean ..."

OK, she didn't QUITE laugh out loud. Well, maybe she did. When he told me what she said, _I_ laughed out loud.

Anyhow, it was vastly amusing.


For technique to work, you have to know the technique and know how to make it work. If you do this, you do this with KI. No, really.

Clean, pure, smudged, totally scmhutzed .. it don't matter. Ki is ki. We all have it. We all use it every damn day. It's all around us.

If you move, you use ki. If you breathe, you use ki. If you fart, piss, snort, cough, throw, pin, cut ... you use ki.


Can we not demystify this stuff and just train???

Oi. Wanna hear kiai? Come train with us.


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