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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

SPIRIT.....There you are, something many of you haven't much reality on. Not surprising as you have been brought up not to.

Then there is SPIRITUAL. Once again I don't see many have too much reality on that either. Again, not surprising. Same reason.

Lots of confusions, lots of denials, lots of double standards, not surprising for the same reason.

We have on the one hand it being pointed out that a disembodied spirit is a ghost and yet that same person not relating that to himself for that would make him a spirit with a body.

Then we have the idea that it cannot be defined or separated as real of itself. Well of course it can and it can be demonstrated to be. Mental machinations trying to work out something based on body and mind thinking thus outside of many's modus operandi of reason.

Yet we have a man who created Aikido who emphasized it. Hence all the confusions on what he meant.

Then we come to Spiritual. Spiritual relates to that area which is not physical and which is not mental, yet physically and mentally you can feel the effects of it. Unfortunately most are only aware that they can feel the effects of the five physical senses. Then they are aware they can feel the effects from the mind. These two are well known. Yet not knowing you can also feel the effects of spiritual then those feelings are usually put down as something else, wrongly of course, but what else can someone do for they don't know the difference.

That area called spiritual contains more than just spirit and includes love, Ki, compassion, humility, stillness, life, soul, holiness, the void, centre of centre, spiritual space, yin and yang, harmony, etc. Universal truths. From which body and mind are created, manifested.

Those aware of this to various degrees tend to follow or get interested in spiritual things for they intuitively know it's to do with them, their true self, true nature and god and the universe.

Those unaware of this tend to deny it and thus we have the spiritual sayings like 'you can run but you are merely running away from your true self by so doing.

So we have an art built on spiritual principles, a lesson. A lesson in discovering your true self, a path.

Bit by bit peeling the onion, might make your eyes water. Those layers are mere clothing which are body and mind. Thus to get more 'power' people think of more muscle, more physical cause, more bombs, more tanks. More away from the truth. Nice clothes though.