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Red face Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Spirit is all one has left to fall back on when mind and body fail ...
I couldn't agree more. Therefore, i interviewed one of my training buddies that has practiced (some with my direction) internal gung. He was a champion High School wrestler, Thai Boxer and Silat practicioner. He is a loveable guy that would not intentionally hurt a fly. He is happy to pound on concrete but intentionally changes his posture (bending forward) when he finally decides it is OK to strike me. He honestly does not want to hurt me. He also is unsure of his rheostat. Here is a guy that will walk into Tiger Village in Thailand, where the tigers have claws and are not drugged (at least they are fed), and still, he only want to find Taoist immortal alchemy.

Please be patient with the Iphone edited upload.

Rob doing push hands with a Tiger.
Click image for larger version

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