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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Jokes aside, The title "My Spiritual Aikido" is profound.

The solemn practice of any discipline can produce the same results. Aikido training ( as I see it) affords the practitioner the opportunity to learn self-defense and spiritual discipline.

Posting on AikiWeb offers the same opportunities. Ignoring my first impulse to save or protect, or to be sarcastic and mean requires constant vigilance. AikiWeb has taught me about tolerance and acceptance and letting others be in their own process. Then I get to learn about self- acceptance when I slip and write something that causes problems for others. I misunderstand so much of what is written and take offense. Then I read it again and see it has nothing to do with me. Nothing written here does...anything posted only reflects on the poster.

I truly see from all the angles of posts that Aikido means many different things to so many people. Each duo of person and computer is like an uke...unique in each moment of now.
That's a fairly good assessment of things, Mary. I like the idea of the learning curve, tolerance and acceptance. I have actually learned quite a bit from my sojourn here on Aikiweb.

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