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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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I swear the same thing happened to me, only in my case I was checking my email and the next thing I know I'm trying to wrench my myself from the keyboard by main force but to no avail.

This thread has developed a sort of mad cap epic quality - perhaps similar to a road runner cartoon. Or maybe like a Washington Irving story with Graham's Ichabod Crane confounding Dan's Brom Bones.

I must resist...

Brom Bones????
Well...I did get an 18 year old Katie!!
I think the majority of the dialogue here has had nothing to do with me.
For my small part.. I never "really" talk to Graham. I use him as a springboard to further a narrative. I've never seen his rather unique assertions supported by him or anyone else. And his points are never even close to being factually correct as others have noted, so there is no foundation for a meaningful discussion. Talking "around" his outlandish ideas with the larger community is what we all usually do.


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