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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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I'm still not sure what "spirit" is, but due to the inter-connected nature of mind and body I believe whole-heartedly in the potential for physical paths to enlightenement, as well as intellectual ones. Whatever parts we are comprised of, they're all there moving along as we take each step, be they literal or proverbial.
Also, aren't there Gnostic and other Greek views which take the "proper" application of intellect as a gateway to enlightenment? Whatever the case is for others, that seems reasonable to me.
Great comment. So if there's not a precise definition of spirit, how can we say what is "spiritual"?

Isn't this the same problem so often encountered with the the term "aiki"? If aiki is not well defined, how can we talk about aikido?

If we don't know what moonshine is, can we really make a still?

So what is spirit? And what is it's relation to aiki (assuming we know what that is)?