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My aim when starting new threads, I assure you, is not to bore but to ask questions ultimately for you to lead my mind along hitherto unknown or unexplored paths.
Most of the popular threads all seem to be of the same type; "Steet" aikido, atemi, killing, Hard or soft, Chi or not to chi, aiki-jujutsu/aikido etc etc etc you have all read them.
I am going to assume that everyone agree's that aikido is a martial art, if you don't then that might be another good thread to explore. The reason I assume this is that I want to explore what is a martial art. What is art to you? I can't answer this for you, obviously. However for me art is a medium which allows me to explore my self. Something which allows me express and bring to life my personality/soul in a physical form. And through this form I probe my short coming's for how can I truly bring to life my very being if I am unable to understand my self. This for me involves listening to my body and trying to gain an understanding of Tantien. But I study a martial art. Which to me I much more exciting. I am trying to do all of the above but with martial boundaries. Which is my key point. For me aikido must work on the bio-mechanical level and keep one safe when in harms way and yet it is my chosen vessel of exploration. "it's a lot like dancing" Dodson told us and so it is, however as we all know if striped of everything other than the physical aikido is an effective system of defence (a martial form) but it can be so much more and so we label it a martial art. however I practice aikido hard or soft, where ever I practice it, it has always been taught in such a way that it obeys these martial boundaries. Without these boundaries I feel aikido wouldn't be "alot like dancing" it would be dancing a beautiful art but not a martail art.
I look forward to your feed back on this and indeed what your thoughts are on the term Martial art.

Regards Paul

Regards Paul Finn
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