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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I'm sorry... this is completely impossible to ignore... try as I might. It sounds just like the French at the beginning of WWI believing that Úlan was what made the French warrior superior. 1.4 million deaths later... The only way you can possibly believe stuff like this is by not getting out... It's like listening to someone talk who is living in an alternative universe...
To believe spirit transcends physical is not a new thing. What's the problem?

You find it impossible to ignore? Well it bears no relation to to frenc warrior belief as superiority although they may call Ki 'elan vitale'.

It's not about superiority. Certainly not about death. Maybe you believe body transcends spirit or some such.

I think you will find spiritual paths to enlightenment or satori are real. Never heard anyone say about a physical path to enlightenment or indeed a mental path to enlightenment or that it has anything to do with intellect.