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Re: Masakatsu Agatsu

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From the biography of Shirata that I translated on Aikido Journal. As Shirata greeted a visitor asking for a lesson at the Kobukan, "A person who wishes to study aikido should start with the spirit. If the spirit is not correct, the path will also be incorrect." I translated kokoro as spirit in this instance, but you see heart, mind or self would work equally well with varying and valid nuance. Path is of course michi, the way.
Hi Doug. Hope all is going good for you. Thought I'd use your post as a springboard for my thoughts.

If we look at spirit, not as the traditional usage of a person being in good spirits, or having spirit, even generally the spirit of the thing, but if look at spirit as the mind/mental side of a person intertwined with the heart/intent, we can see how that applies to IP/aiki. The mind/mental side must be clear and driving the heart/intent. This can be seen as having kokoro or having the right spirit to study the way of aiki.

Doug Walker wrote: View Post
Shirata had this kakemono hanging in the dojo to the end of his life: A person who is trying to study aikido must start by studying the spirit. Because if the spirit is not made righteous the path is not righteous either.
This is even more applicable. If we look at having to use intent to rewire/rebuild an aiki body and in doing this, we have to concentrate on what *we* are doing and not on what someone else is doing, then if you concentrate on "doing something to the other person", you aren't going to do the exercises correctly. As Dan has said, you have to concentrate on "being the best you" (paraphrased) which makes you "feel free in the world" (paraphrased). The aiki path is the way of the spirit acting in accord with divine law.

Which fits right in with Ueshiba talking about being one with the Universe, heaven/earth/man, being the Bridge, etc.
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