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Bruce Baker
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Now, now, Billy Idol is allright, but the words of Ray Davies of the Kinks go to some interesting places also.

I love practical faith.

It lets you have more faith because you are now thinking for yourself, the blind faith can still kick in once in a while, but now the practicallity of learning from the universe, because the universe does not learn from you, is an every enlightening moment of just how small and insigificant we really are.

Still, it does provide the clarity to truly be at peace with all the people, places, and things that should be blown off the face of the earth, but they are merely a part of the universal enviroment we call earth.

(Even is my actual spirit is peaceful, I still dream about blowing those annoyances off the face of the earth? Can't I? Please, just one little bitty atom bomb?)

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