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Re: Reigi and the Aikido Hakama Fetish

Dave Gallagher wrote: View Post
Quote from Christopher Li:
"The belt thing is a "myth added later". The belt system in Karate was adopted from Judo, before the war, by the Japanese, not the Okinawans (although it ended up leaking back). Judo added it from...swim classes, in schools, for children.
I wouldn't read too much meaning into it"

........ I don't think you understand my post. I said nothing about belt history or Kano introducing the belt color for Judo etc. I only gave the concept of the frayed belt as it has been used in Shotokan karate for years. That concept was taught to us by JKA instructors since I began training in the mid 1970's. Our dojo heard it first hand from Nishiyama Sensei himself. I don't know what you mean by it "being a myth added later". Later than what? It remains a symbol in Shotokan karate.It matters little when it was added.
My point is that it is a modern allegory that is usually taken as a Japanese "tradition".



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