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Simon Lai
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Re: Should I Re-Start Aikido?

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Yes. Start over. Be a beginner and don't worry about taking hard ukemi right now. Maybe even try out a different style than what you did before.

I got started at 39 with no prior experience, over weight and bad knees... that was three years ago. No regrets yet.
Yeah, be a beginner all over again, sounds good. If there is an Iwana style school I would jump at the opportunity in a jiffy, I heard their weapon work is more extensive than most other school. I would love to get more exposure to weapon work.

Subconciously I want to restart, but I am concern about how my body will take it....

I shall enter the dojo once again with much trepidation... Just like how I felt when I first put on my dogi, many many moons ago.

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