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Stephen Nichol
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Re: Should I Re-Start Aikido?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
don't do it. stick with golf. why leave the comfort of the easy life to put in sweat and pain for what? with golf, you can do whenever you like, having fun with your buddies, hanging out at clubs, checking out chicks, and enjoying the good life. aikido just isn't for you. don't do it.
Good thing we all know you Phi and your need for sarcasm, at least I hope that is what I read in that post. I hope it was not lost on Simon.


Better to go back and find out than to always be looking over your should wondering 'what if'. Never live life that way.

Like others have said: just take it easy. You are starting over again. Do so completely. Let go of everything you 'think you remember' and let it slowly come back to you. Do not struggle with what is taught to you and what you 'feel you remember', simply appreciate the 'variations' of techniques and methods. Just enojoy yourself and do your best.
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