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graham christian
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hi Graham
FWIW, Tohei's principles were physical models and not spiritual ones. And they were not his. Ueshiba's models and quotes were not his either, they were old and known.
Many people continue -through lack of education and understanding-to mistakenly assign singular genius to these individuals, of material they neither created, or forwarded. Assigning the brilliance of the professor who taught it to you is not a level of awareness to be supported or encouraged.

I have been trying to avoid discussions of personal skills, yet you and Mary keep discussing your personal abilities. In order to refute what I see as errors in your logic or understanding it therefore falls back into having to discuss personal abilities. I don't mind doing so as long as it can be a friendly and frank discussion.

My assessment from watching and reading?
You have no ability to harmonize with what I would do on a mat with you. You would have little to no ability to even defend yourself whatsoever. The ability and skills that were available to Ueshiba are something alien to your understanding, therefore you have no ability to understand how utterly outclassed you would be against that sort of power and skill....without waza. Imagining you could handle it is all most in Aikido have as they have never felt anything approaching that level of power and skill. This can be demonstrated in several ways without harm and with cordial humor. This can be demonstrated with real physical violence and harm. The choice of what to do becomes the will of the person possessing these skills. It is a well recognized fact that mercy belongs to the victor. Once the skills are achieved (and perhaps more the moral responsibilities and compassion

Regarding the knowledge of what Ueshiba was actually talking about; only one of us can understand the imbalance of the equation and it is the one possessing the superior knowledge, so I understand the confusion.
I have offered to demonstrate this to you in person in a friendly and fun way. It is the only way you are going to get to face this knowledge and level of skill and your own lack of understanding. There...all debates will end.
I am actually for you and not against you. I just don't see a productive means to end our (hopefully)friendly debates, other than hands on.

Dan, please, give credit to someone. Toheis model was obviously spiritual and saying it wasn't and indeed saying it wasn't his is a bit incredulous really. Only validates to me that you can't really know that much about it.

Many people continue to through lack of education and respect to to try and undermine others by saying 'it wasn't theirs' My Aikido is mine, no one elses. My sayings are mine and anyone elses sayings or words of wisdom I decide to post on my wall would be because I would say the same. It is still me communicating and doing so for a specific reason. As did Ueshiba. So once again I see no reason to try and make something out of it negatively. Moses gave the words of God as did Jesus etc.etc and many give the words of stellar wise men of the past, that's good. That's passing on considered important information. To dismiss it folly.

Bottom line though, if he used it or spoke it or wrote it then he meant it. Simple.

As far as the rest of what you say above goes I can only say read Ueshiba's rules of teaching.

Finally, if you want to discuss ability, which you indeed keep talking about, then do so. I haven't seen such up to now. I don't count 'I could do this to anyone and they can't handle me' as a discussion on ability at all. In fact to me personally it's a put off.