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graham christian
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
Hi Graham, hope you are well!

What if you can't learn how to in the space of five minutes, and that the body work (training) takes 10 years + of specific excercises (solo) to have an effect

no matter how fast you learn

I think this is where the problem lies
Hi Chris.
Good to hear from you.

I wouldn't expect to learn anything new in five minutes. I could guarantee it wouldn't take me ten years though. However I understand learning as a process and if I decide to follow that process, whatever it is I know it's purely down to my disciplined study and practice and application as to how far I go along that road. If I'm decided then I always get there and how long it takes means nothing to me. Time is not a consideration.

So there can never be a problem to me as far as that goes.

Being well acquainted with body changing disciplines from body building to health to even so called miraculous changes I don't see how it necessarily has to take so long.

Having said that I think you know me well enough to know I see those things as less important than spiritual and mind changes.