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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.


Thank you for a response under duress. This quality of an experience of "creating a pair" that changes something deep in both people is profoundly interesting to me and not exactly what I expected you to say. There is a fatuous element in Aikido (and other martial arts) that somehow one's amazing abilities are going to create a miraclulous transformation in the attacker. This has always seemed to me to be improbable in the extreme and as a result my focus has been kept on changing myself. But your brief description hints at the possiblity of a mutual transformation, one that has an impersonal quality and whose genesis is in the nature of the connection itself. I am very interested to hear more from you on this when this is possible and you are willing.

Having done my share of sitting in the hospital waiting room and being with extremely sick loved ones, you truly have my sympathy. I wish you and your family healing and the best outcome possible.

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