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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Old adage: Help is only helpful if it is asked for. But thanks anyway.
Well, you are the one willingly showing up in public and talking about an art and subject practiced by millions. You are being treated kindly as part of a discussion you entered into. I entered back into Aikido to discuss and demonstrate and compare Aiki skills. Your senior teachers are not doing too well in holding up your end, and the good news is...
They have no ego about it and are standing in rooms on an international stage....
And they ARE....asking for help.
In the fullness of time...they....will own Aikido, as no one else in Aikido will be able to do anything to them.
Ueshiba's knowledge and!!

Considering the fact that I and others are using Aikido as a base to bring the superiority of his method (Asian internal strength) on mats with other martial artists of all types-including seasoned MMA'ers...and they are becoming friends...I think he would be delighted.

There is nothing quite like completely dominating their space and then offering a hand and a smile, then showing and actually teaching how, instead of being condescending and telling them to steal it, that really connects with people. It is respectful of their time and investment. Sort of the way we should have been taught and treated.
There is a component there that is connecting people, drawing and creating community and lifting our spirits, that is truly compelling. Many have discussed how this work is healing their bodies and changing the way they think and react in the world and on the mat, that is part of my spiritual Aikido.
Everyone keeps smiling...while standing there exhausted!!

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