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graham christian
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Dan, I could harmonize with anyone too on the mat. That means 'most' and also means they that I may have trouble with would be interesting and I have enough basic knowledge and ability to learn very quickly how to. So what's the problem?

You always seem to mention 'most Aikidoka' and such generalizations even about 'shihan'. Always generalizations. I ask why? What is your point? It's nothing new.

Pick any outstanding master of his art and then ask how many of you in that art can throw or do blah to him? The answer will always be no one or not many so to me it's a silly thing to say or argument to keep talking about.

Tohei had a model. Very spiritual principles. Worked very well. He was a master of it. That doesn't mean all his students would be masters of it. Maybe you should read Ueshibas rules of training.