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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Of course, I could harmonize with anyone who came onto the mat to practice aikido. can't.
Why? For the simple has been pointed out here...that aikido is not subject to your definitions or approval of what it means. I think you are trying to say you could harmonize with anyone willing to cooperate with you under your terms of what Aikido is....

Otherwise by are saying that everyone and anyone (unless you just meant you personally) can handle an honest committed attack by every highly trained aikido-ka.

I contend that there are thousands of people....tens of thousands, that many aikido-ka simply could never handle were they to do their aikido with them. There would be no chance to blend or do much of anything but get stuffed.
This happened in the past in Aikido with various men.... no one could throw Tohei. No one could throw Ueshiba, or Shioda...were they not doing aikido?

Can someone's, be so good that they can no longer be moved by most aikido-ka..even without them trying to do anything?
Are there people so good in aiki that just about any Japanese Shihan in Aikido or Daito ryu would be stopped cold?
Who then is not "doing Aikido?"
As opposed to just not doing Aikido "good enough?"
Everyone doesn't always get an "A"
Sometimes you are tested in life...and measured.

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