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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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There are of course physical locations in the body which are well known as spiritual 'gateways'. These are called chakras.

Other than an unprovable belief, where can I find anyone capable of demonstrating unusual power and impressive budo skills using these gateways?
Where can you find people capable of expressing unusual power and impressive budo skills using the exact same models Ueshiba is now being correctly translated and quoted for?
Many places.
Many people.

Spiritual Aikido can be reduced to meaninglessness as budo as much as it can be discussed as an elevation of spirit.
OTOH, Spiritual Aikido can be expressed as a powerful vehicle ...of...budo as well as an elevation of spirit.
Who is doing the later?
No one can simply B.S. their way into being one of them...except on the internet. In person it has to be measured and it has to matter as a tested budo.

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