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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Very well formulated. It is a view that is shared by Buddhism and Shinto / Taoisme. And very much part of Aikido. If we come on the tatami with the notion that we are in any way more then the others then Aikido will be a humbling experience.

Those are religions and belief systems. Ueshiba stated flatly that aikido was not a religion it was a budo.
Budo must be effective. Ueshiba's budo was, for the most part, effective. I have no issue with the people who claim a spiritual foundation for their practice-I usually just ignore them until I see their claims of being effective.Sadly, when challenged, ulike those they follow, no one I have ever known stepped up to examination. They typically hide from examination of their claims at effective use, and remove themselves with every excuse imaginable from being put to the test. The most common being we are not competitive, or concerned with testing...while they don budo clothing, swing weapons, strike at each other and throw people.
The real thrust of most religions is challenge and living effective lives in an honest self examining way. I have rarely, well...actually NEVER...have seen a level of honesty and self-examination as a budo by those who claim the spiritual side of budo.

Spiritual leaders that people follow put themselves to the test.
Budo leaders put themselves to the test
Why is it that these spiritual/ budo people hide from being tested by doubters? There is a reason that the spiritual side of the art will forever by a side issue, beyond all rhetoric it can't deliver an effective budo.