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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Af if there is taught a certain worldview in the dōjō where does it stemm from? The students of Ueshiba told that he didn't teach a certain religion (not even ōmoto kyo), philosophy or spiritulity to be necessary to learn aikidō. So from where and when does this come in if someone teaches it on the mat?
But you see, it isn't taught on the mat, not our mat anyway. Using your terminology, this worldview is awakened in the student as a result of training and introspective reflection; or it isn't. And whether it is or isn't does not matter because each student takes something individually unique from the experience of training.

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We don't see the word "as it is".
"As it is"? Is there, then, an objective reality that can be seen and that everyone can agree on? Does your Aikido training open the door to this objective reality?

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To me aikidō means using the body, kneading the body, practicing with the body, experiencing changes of the body, development ...
And experiencing how all this affects my "spiritual" Dimension in some way.
Nicely put.