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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Aikido shows us all that.
How does it show that?

Thoughts about enemies or not, being different person, and so on may root in a certain worldview. But is there one certain worldview connected unseperable to aikidō?
And if so: Why isnt't it tought in the dōjō?
And how come that people with completely different worldviews can practice together?
Af if there is taught a certain worldview in the dōjō where does it stemm from? The students of Ueshiba told that he didn't teach a certain religion (not even ōmoto kyo), philosophy or spiritulity to be necessary to learn aikidō. So from where and when does this come in if someone teaches it on the mat?

I appreciate your view of aikidō, and I try to accept the view of Graham. If it works for you, this is fine with me. I think this is most important in life that people find their own way, a way the can follow and lead a "good" life.
But looking at my experiences on and off the mat and refering to my reading not only about aikidō, for me it is very clear, that this is your view of aikidō and the world. But that it is not universal, absolute. As no truth is. We always see only our section of the world. We don't see the word "as it is".

Tom Buchanan wrote: View Post
Can any physical discipline (flesh) really provide a gateway into the spiritual?
Obviously yes. Maybe not if only refering to a christian worldview. In a daoist understanding the body clearly is kind of vehicle and provides a gateway into the spiritual.

To me aikidō means using the body, kneading the body, practicing with the body, experiencing changes of the body, development ...
And experiencing how all this affects my "spiritual" Dimension in some way.

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