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Re: What do you do when a student is acting rudely in your class.

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He "said" that he was promoted to yudansha. Does he have evidence that he indeed has attained Dan ranking. Can he provide it? It looks like you gauge his aikido as sub-par.

Clearly he does not understand the kohai-sempai-sensei relationship in a dojo.

You must make him remember.

If he still insists to train with you and if he can't produce evidence of him being a yudansha, if it were me I'd tell him to start out as a 7th kyu to teach him about proper etiquette if he wants to continue training. If he doesn't agree, ask him to train in another dojo.
No, no proof of anything. Wouldn't matter anyways he claims to be ranked by an unaffiliated independent teacher our organization does not recognized. Politics aside, he does understand some things about the kohai-sempai relationship. In the past when he has to be my training partner he often will say "you go first you are the senior student". But that's where it ends.

This individual has recently opted to try and test in our system, which is more frustrating. He'll learn how we do things just long enough for a test, but revert back and continue to teach other students his methods which is not the type of Aikido we want to promote. Frankly the way his Aikido looks we've questioned int he past whether or not he's just read a lot of books and watched a lot of videos then fabricated the lineage he claims to have.

Either way, I appreciate everyone's input on the situation. It just validates my own feelings in this situation. I have yet to read a response I don't wholly agree with. Since my last class the guy where I was a little more firm with him by directing students to train with whom I wanted them to train with, and cut him quickly when he interrupted me, he's not been back. He's done this in the past. A teacher will be firm with him, he'll skip class for a week or so then come back after he's cooled down. Unfortunately last time this happened he came back with an attitude like he had something to prove.

Unfortunately he, was rough with a female senior student at a class recently. She was "instructing him", he was doing a sankyo and she asked him to lighten up and he went harder instead, had something to prove to our senior ??? Unfortunately she told no one about this until after the class was over and the guy left for the day. She has issues with wanting to be perceived as tough, but I really wish she didn't just suck it up and told the teacher. She doesn't want us to kick him out or bring it up with him... not entirely sure why it was bad enough to tell us about, yet she's embarrassed and asked us to not bring to make a deal out of it. But with all due respect to her, i already told our Sensei, and I think I have to bring that up with him if I see him again. That really doesn't pass as cool for me.
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