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Re: Should I Re-Start Aikido?

Definitly what Basia said. I've stopped and restarted horseback rideing every few years since i started it nearly 20 years ago.

Every time the problems I've had have been in my body remembering how to do something, but not haveing the right kind of conditioning any more to do it. and everytime I restart I am at a much lower level than when I last quit, BUT I start again at a slightly higher level than I started the last time. and it's only a matter of time and training for me to return to my previous level.

And it's fun to start anew again too as it's a differnet way to learn. At first it was skills that my body picked up, and that could just do then I learned the why and hows intelectualy and it was hard for a time to do it right, and then it become easy again and a skill I understand how works in a much more personaly aware way.
With horses, I find that this helps me a lot with the more difficult ones. I may not be able to ride perfectly, but due to starting and relearning it several times I'm a lot more aware of my own limitations, and those of the horse in a way few people that has never relearned rideing are. Not only do I know what I know, I've also learned what I dont know and can't easily do at each stage in my learning.
And relearning it has been as fun every time as it was the first time I learned it, and less frustrating because atleast I know the theory and how to correct myself a lot now.

When you start again i'd love to hear how you find it compares to the first time you learned and did aikido.
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