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Re: Armor! Or not.

Rick Berry wrote: View Post
The longer I practice martial arts (Ji Do Kwan for the first 18 and Aikido for the next 29 years now) the more relaxed I become. The more relaxed and positive my outlook, the more comfortable I become. I now experience more risks on the dojo mat than I do in the streets. Of course I no longer go to bars (I've outgrown the bars) but I do not get occosted, nor do I get into violent arguments. It's as if an aura radiates out from me and is getting stronger and stronger and negativity cannot enter.

As I learned on my last job before retirement and what I teach my students: You teach all others how to treat you by the way you respond to their overtures. What I learned is you can, or to be more precise, must train your supervisor in how to treat you, then I practiced this everywhere. How else will you enjoy a bountiful life.

To me the true goal of martial arts training is "Gaining and Maintaining Positive Self-control."
My martial arts in action, "off the mat."

What I experienced is that it works! Aikido anyone?

Now how is that for a friendly universe?
Sounds good to me.

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