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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

Thank you Chuck for your refinement of the definition of Randori. This video was the taped end of a belt test. Mass Attack where the testee only defends. It's purpose is to Broaden one's focus and tactical response using 5 angles (cincotero) of attack while imposing a level of chaos through the implementation of multiple attackers. Cincotero defined by Leo Giron:

In my additions to this thread, I was challenging folks to get creative in doing Randori. The use of multiple attackers, traditional weapons and exotic weapons. But I know that not all readers are doing Randori for the main goal of "self defense".

For the one's that are, i offered this model. Much like the Kenpo Mass Attack testing,

It assumes "Monkey in the Middle" and allows someone a problem and pace that they can be challenged by. Steve Elder, in the video above is trained in Kenpo, judo, aikido and jujitsu. Still, he get's stuck in the feeding drill above. We have used these tools to test what our body memory has acquired, rather than our brain memory.

Two questions:

1. Can such experiences be added to Randori, not for the expert Shihan, but as a training tool to acquire "eye of the tiger" and survival skills?

2. Is such training of value in your opinion?




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