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Re: Slow, mindful movement

I think Weber's law does apply because the stimuli include movement. the main stimulus he talks about in the article is muscle tension ("intensity of muscle effort") but you also perceive movement through muscle stretch plus rate of change of strecth and joint position (proprioception) plus rate of change of joint position.

We normally think of slow movements as relaxed ("gentle" in the article) - slow, tense movements being quite unnatural-feeling to perform and watch . But I would be quite interested in anyone's thoughts on deliberately tense movements for those 'dead zones", something similar to Goju-ryu karate Sanchin kata.

I know I have had to work hard on my abdominal obliques to get them consistently activated and i wonder if my gluteals need the same work. Might get me arrested if I do them in public thought :-)

David McNamara
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