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Re: Help of tecnics

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Andrés, clearly people are attempting to help you by posting links, but all you can say is that is not the right technique.
So if you cannot even explain what you want using names of techniques that people know, how can anybody take the time and energy to go to the dojo with a video camera and start making videos that are probably not what you are looking for?
Why don't you ask your sensei or sempai to make videos?
Thank you very much for giving your opinion and want to help.

Here in Chile, ouer options are very limited, these techniques are not common. I was hoping that someone on this board could help. I have 9 years practicing aikido and I've never seen, only know them by name. I do not belong in any federation and it is very difficult for some Japanese can help me.

the videos, I believe that not similar to the names and it is not in the comments that the technique is clear.

I'm just asking for some help and if anyone knows these techniques can explain to me, with viedeo or words or images.
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