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graham christian
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.


Gravity, that all powerful attraction. I meet it by learning to let go of the body. All part of non-attatchment.

The base of the spine opens like a doorway as I become one with mother nature and enter the void. Faith joins in. Faith like a great bowl below the earth and this I call Koshi. Koshi and the void from which mother nature gives all.

I feel the river, I become the river, I feel the rocks, I become the rocks, I feel any part of mother nature I become that part, the body joins in. Infinite capacity. Feel the wind and flow.

The home of the soul and as I go to bed and sink into the mattress Koshi opens and soul goes home to rest and I sink into koshi, the void.

As I do Aikido the void of koshi receives any and everything any opponent offers into nothingness and gives back nothing, that nothing which joins them to gravity and returns them to mother nature. It is not a ton weight it is merely an opening to koshi, a meeting with mother nature, a reminder of part of their true self and the universe.

Each move is a lesson. A reminder of their own potential and divinity. A wake up call. An invite.

The energy of mother nature floods through the body for it comes from her and it returns to her and so it is I who am the borrower engaged in this this universal existence and the magic of life.

Each day and each night is Aikido.