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Re: Who is training IS and why still?

Steve Sakahara wrote: View Post

To get stronger, healthier and faster as I get older. Right Gary?
Well Steve I have found out in the past few weeks that as I have grown older I have become twisted, that I miss the point or points, I lack understanding, I am selfish, I am all ego and a bunch other things........ to wit the 38 years I have spent has all been for nothing..whistling in dark or pi&xing in the wind......and I run with a bad crowd.........and and I don't have a clue about love...local, personal or universal.....

Still.... I think I will just keep moving along........

As for the training I'll just keep trying to incorporate what we have been shown into my movements in daily is working for me. I'll include what I can into what I help to pass on to the folks that have given me respect and to whom I return that respect.

keep after it...

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