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Walter Martindale
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Re: What do you do when a student is acting rudely in your class.

"Excuse me. We're practicing this, join in or leave"
"You - practice with him..."
"Now, practice with her..."
"Now, practice with him..."
"Excuse me - this isn't a democracy - if you don't like the way we do things, there's the door."
"You're taking ukemi - if you don't like it, there's the door."
"Yes, I know you're paying your membership, and that is to train in OUR system of Aikido."
"Ok - so-and-so told you to do something that way but you're here now, try to learn how we do it, and add our movements to your repertoire..."
"You have the manners of a two-year-old, we'll treat you that way if you wish. Now, go into the corner for a time-out."
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