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Steve Sakahara
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Re: Who is training IS and why still?

To throw people I couldn't throw before while making it difficult for them to throw me. Without training techniques.

To get stronger, healthier and faster as I get older. Right Gary? No more back issues here either.

To share with some very smart and dedicated people who go out of their way to help you get better.

To train with people personally and globally via the internet who open their minds and decide from hands on experience the value this stuff. There's a depth of forging you can recognize and acknowledge. There is a filtering process.

To learn something so simple in concept, yet so damn hard to learn. Failure is a constant. And I'm not talking about a blown technique. I'm talking about a second by second failure within solo training. Day, after day, after day...

To look at my own crap with depth, perseverance, forgiveness and wisdom. It's not about dancing and philosophical discussion. See above.

To see wtf in uke.

To have some hope of throwing Jeremy and Chris. Did I mention to get sneakier?

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