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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Thank you very much for this booklist. I read Black Elk, but the other names are all new to me.
I am intrigued by the idea of tribal memory. It fits in with my own experiences, but did not know that there were texts available on that subject. Ecology, living in and with nature is important to me, even more so since I moved to France. But the link with shamanism is harder too find here, I think.

I think you have set me on a new track.



If you can, go to Chartres Cathedral on July 1-7. You can meet probably 70 shamans there. This cathedral is built upon ley lines and with a very strict sacred geometry. They will be studying sacred Astronomica this summer. Many of the leaders are dowsers and such. The energy will literally be bouncing off the walls during that week.

Jim Garrison, Will Taegel and Andrew harvey will definitely be there. I have to miss it.

or Avebury, UK June 23-29.

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