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Tom Verhoeven
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Chris. I think that other thread did quite well really considering. There have been much worse.

Good question though. I would love to hear any spiritual perspectives especially in relation to Aikido and principles thereof.

I'm not really into 'argument' but more into sharing so feel free.

I use the principle of acceptance and relate it to centre as you may well have read before. Thus I see 'argument' more as a lazy mind activity rather than constructive communication or debate. Argument tends for the most part to lack acceptance and therefor those who continually do so lack centre. This is all part of my Aikido and way for example.

Sounds like a good suggestion to me. Perhaps you should formulate some clear rules? I too would like to hear others spiritual perspective in relation to Aikido. But would prefer to see it without judgement and debate.