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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
I feel I owe an apology as well. It's too easy sometimes to fire off a post. Conversations naturally meander a bit, but there were a couple times where I realized I was more talking about communication issues than spiritual or IP issues. Rather than create a new thread, I was lazy...they were tengential at best, so I'm sorry for that.
I like that idea of the teflon mind and think it's in the proper spirit for budo...what little I can be said to understand of it, anyway. Picking your battles; deciding which things to cling to and which to let go of can be very subtle and often are under-appreciated. Aikiweb often serves as a good reminder for me in this...even though I probably often forget it.
Hi Matthew.
You are one of the least guilty and I too am guilty. It's interesting how we can be led or even get carried away ourselves at times.

I found it fascinating when asked to answer questions which are off topic and yet feeling it's rude not to but this also leads to more and more off topic.

A very important part of Ki Aikido for example is leading Ki or leading the mind and so it is on here too. Good practice for staying centred and 'immovable mind' etc. I would say.