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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Sorry about your other thread. Feel I am a partly responsible for that - I did go on a bit and stayed too long on the same track. It drifted away from your original post. And kept drifting away even after I stopped adding to it.

Heard a story about a modern day Buddhist monk recently that you might enjoy. A Buddhist went to his teacher complaining that although he was fine with the life of a monk, he did not like the fact that people came to him and told him all the stories of their lives, their problems with day to day life, problems with work, with there husband or wife, with their family, and so on. He felt like there was no end to their problems and that they were bringing it to him, as if they were bringing their garbage into his room.
The monk expected to be released from this task, but his teacher said; "you are a Buddhist priest, this is your task. You listen to these people, give them advice when needed and you let them come and bring their garbage. And then you get yourself a garbage-can that on the inside is covered with teflon. The teflon makes it easy to empty the garbage-can. Your mind should be like that as well. With a teflon mind things may be thrown in, but they do not stick and it becomes easy to empty again."

Seems to me that you have had thrown a lot of garbage at you lately on AikiWeb. Yet I get the impression that fortunately it does not seem to stick. Just like the monk you seem to have acquired a teflon mind!

Best wishes!
Don't worry Tom, I doubt you were the main reason.

Like your Buddhist monk story. I wrote earlier how sympathy leaves you covered in others stuff whereas empathy allows you to be with them yet remain yourself clear and 'teflon.

I follow this rule in Aikido and life and it's more like this: They come, they leave in a better condition.

So I understand the story well for as soon as you are a good listener and willing to be with then people turn up non-stop to give you their problems. So I end up being in life counselor, healer and guide. To me it's all Aikido.

In this world of 'should be's and must be's and "now I'm supposed to's" I find it's best to just carry on improving your own self and ability and staying on the path. Someone comes they are coming for a reason and to me that is all there is, it's not a problem, it's all good. Improve self, help others improve themselves, what better game is there?

Thanks for the post.