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Marc Abrams
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Re: Who is training IS and why still?

Jeremy Hulley wrote: View Post
So I'm curious:

Who is out there training IS/IP?

Why are you still training IS/IP and what impact has it had on your training?

I'm still working on it even after a frustrating two days with Dan this week. That would be my frustration with myself..

I'm still working it because even at my low level I'm seeing clear benefits in my training including increase stability and more power with much less effort.

If I open my body correctly and express ten chi jin I am already under my opponent. This is true with weapons and with empty hand.

Thanks for your thoughts

July 2010 (I think) was when I first had the opportunity to train with Dan Harden. I work on this stuff every day, always integrating it in how I train and teach the stuff I do. The changes have been remarkable in the advances that I am making. The other remarkable thing is how it helps me better understand what my other teachers are really doing so that I can actually make better use of their teachings! The really good news is I STILL SUCK ! and don't blame Dan.....

Keep up the hard work, the changes will be subtle and profound!


Marc Abrams
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