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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Quite right. I've found it's best not to take it personally. He's more or less equally bad at returning a message.
I didn't take it personally. I purposefully explained I'm a lowly yoshinkan 1st kyu. I understand there are limited spots. I expected a response in the negative, but I thought "what's the harm in shooting off an email?". Now I see the flaw in my plan, expecting the response. It may have sounded like sour grapes before, but that wasn't my intention. I guess I just wanted to say publicly "I tried"...

Anyhoo... I stopped holding my breath a while ago. With all the "controversy", for lack of a better word, swirling around my curiosity got the better of me but I don't have a burning desire to attend. Perhaps that's what will separate the attendees from non-attendees.

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