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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Armor! Or not.

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I agree with Chris's comments about the ego of who to protect and not to protect. At some level you simply need to remove yourself from the a degree...and realize you are hired or commissioned to protect and to prevent violence from occurring.

You are not the politician nor do you participate furthering their are simply there to stop harm.

That said, of course, I personally would try and choose my clients wisely and there are some li its to who I would choose to not serve. However, in the grater scheme of things...philosophically, stopping harm or violence is the business you are in and that morality I believe comes before the other stuff.
I have not met a CEO who is a saint (except Kuni Ando). I have worked for many of them. To get where they are requires an armor of it's own. Manufacturing is too costly, for instance in the USA. Go to Mexico, there are fewer environmental regulations but the local community pays for it in brain damaged kids because of your toxic run off. And $7 a day wages are great on the budget. That raises a slew of social and economic quagmires.

Mexican law requires that local executives shadow the expat managers. You cannot protect them all (and their families) from the local mafias. So someone inevitably gets compromised with an offer they cannot refuse. Before you know it, $millions are missing. Supply chain is disrupted so less of your product is on the store shelf. Your retailers start buying from another brand.

What to do? Pay off the mafia (directly or through a politician) and the FBI arrests you for Foreign
Corrupt Practices Act.

These are daily issues. All gray area. But the customer get's his new electronic product anyway.

My answer: take off the armor of self righteous judgment. Get in touch with your internal knowing. I.e. "sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." act from the heart. confront chaos, one sign wave at a time, like in Randori.

Living like that made my hip flexors, intrecostals, pecks and iT bands tighter than he'll. My perineum is no longer aligned well with my crown chakra. My psoas is a mess. My chigot constricted. Nei Gung became a drudge. I refocussed on 8 brochade and Zhang Zhuang (postures) in my training, but my triple warmer and spleen remained out of balance.

Nowadays, I hire younger guys to do the field work for the most part. I and mt fiancée have a non profit that helps inner city women in crisis. These issues are much clearer and easier to handle.

Waging peace.

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