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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Dan
Strong words [as ever] .Be a good chap and let us know who these Aikido teachers are?You always talk about how useless everybody is and how they do not have aiki.How about letting us know who the aikidoka who do possess aiki skills[over and above yourself of course]....You imo are a bit vague when you talk about Aikido teachers .
If you do not wish to name these people publically send me a private message.I look forward to hearing from you ,hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.
Also, when you set up the criteria and at the same time judge (even though there is no doubt of setting aside your own prejudices), I can see where it could be very difficult without personal connections to the judge to pass.

I did send you an email asking to train with you in Southern California. Funny, of the "master classes" I've taken (to borrow a term from the music world), none were so secretive or arrogant. The information was freely (not free as in $) given to those interested without judgement on whether the message was being received.

You must be one of those special teachers than can predetermine which students (will) have an understanding and which won't. Special indeed.

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Background (short) martial arts career: 1 kyu Yoshinkan Aikido ( for teachers the whole time), almost 4 years. I am NOT a gift to the martial arts community, however I'm ramping up for shodan and I thought this would be a good way to get out see and learn something new and perhaps accelerate my learning rate. Kick it up a notch so to speak. Also, I thought the Yoshinkan style would mesh easily with Daito Ryu, from what I've seen in some videos.


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