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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Opinions and strength of argument do not qualify people in Budo....their skills do. I know dozens of professional writers and academics and budo teachers who could make a much better argument for Jujutsu then Rickson Gracie ever could. Give people ten minutes in a room and everyone there would chose to learn from....Rickson. Why? Substance over argument.
How come every Aikido teacher I meet-with no exception- fails?
How come they all are choosing to learn this material?
Substance over argument

The comments on horse racing
You do not get to enter your horse in the kentucky Derby just because he is your horse and all horses are valid because they are horses, or equal because they all can run. Your horse must be tested and have a proven track record to be a worthy competitor on a world class stage.
Same for boxing or much anything else.
No one is interested in watching world class competitors being tested against some nitwits half-ass, self-deluded and self-important stumbling, just because he breathes the same air.

Seems to me that only ones who continue to argue for equality of opinion are those who lack substance. It's a twice told tale that requires no amplification or explanation. Modern martial arts are a haven for people who are all but useless in a martial sense and most of their opinions are as useless as their skills. When it comes to real skill, they are outclassed in every way, and all they really have is an argument.

I liked the idea of the internet... where idiotic "experts" as well as ner do well martial art seminar "shoppers" could all be equally called on their B.S.-but that.... only through testing.

I can modify a budo saying a tad, to fit the discussion;
I do not look to authority (or strength of argument) for truth
I look to truth for authority

In the end I look at it and think....
"Why argue....with students!"
On a positive note; the internet has also provided a wonderful chance -on a world wide stage- for people to meet and test opinions and arguments. This has helped to clarify, end debate, build friendships, and strengthen Budo in a way that is unprecidented in it's history.
For that we should all be thankful.
Dear Dan
Strong words [as ever] .Be a good chap and let us know who these Aikido teachers are?You always talk about how useless everybody is and how they do not have aiki.How about letting us know who the aikidoka who do possess aiki skills[over and above yourself of course].I do agree with your comments on the Kentucky Derby .At least I can check name of the horse/s who won the races and what the names of the entries were.You imo are a bit vague when you talk about Aikido teachers .
If you do not wish to name these people publically send me a private message.I look forward to hearing from you ,hope you are well, Cheers, Joe.