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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Opinions and strength of argument do not qualify people in Budo....their skills do. I know dozens of professional writers and academics and budo teachers who could make a much better argument for Jujutsu then Rickson Gracie ever could. Give people ten minutes in a room and everyone there would chose to learn from....Rickson. Why? Substance over argument.
Skill in anything only qualifies the thing those skills are in. The validity is based on the role. Those people who might make a better argument for Jujutsu than Rickson Gracie serve a completely different role and purpose. If I want to learn how to work on Fords I'm going to go to a mechanic, even if the advertizer gave me a compelling reason to want to learn about Fords in the first place. I think of it as the difference between learning "about" something and learning the thing itself...if that even makes any sense.

On a positive note; the internet has also provided a wonderful chance -on a world wide stage- for people to meet and test opinions and arguments. This has helped to clarify, end debate, build friendships, and strengthen Budo in a way that is unprecidented in it's history.
For that we should all be thankful.
The spread of general information is the role of the internet; the spread of functional understanding and of ability/skill is the role of the mat.