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Re: Dan Messisco Sensei in Pittsburgh Sept. 14-16

I had the opportunity to go to Messisco Sensei’s seminar down in Seneca, SC. It was a terrific experience! While I was initially a little skeptical based on some of his youtube videos (some of his uke looked to be tanking badly), Messisco Sensei really blew me away with his leg power and ability to maintain that structural integrity while staying completely relaxed in his upper body. Messico’s teaching was on par with a Ledyard or Duran Sensei. Very clear explanations and he could get you to do what he was doing at least on some basic level (with plenty to take home and work on). Overall, I would definitely recommend anyone go to experience his technique first hand. Get your hands on him, and test him. Definitely one of those It Has To Be Felt to believe. When I sat down to write the notes, I couldn’t believe how many techniques we had covered because he emphasized the same main points throughout and it really felt like we only worked on a few things. I think that speaks to how well this guy could actually teach! Anyway, I hope this encourages anyone else who is on the fence.

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